Thursday, September 30, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Echotone

There's something about watching music from behind the scenes. The voyeurism appeals. First off, what it takes to get a song from the writing process to my headphones is impressive. The hard work, the promotion, the touring, and the hundreds of people behind the band that you never really think about. Fascinating.

Secondly, musicians are some of the the most insufferable people on the planet. So watching the total self-indulgence and narcissism that borders on insanity? Beyond fantastic. And it's fun to feel like you're hanging out with the band for awhile. Like a groupie. Or a drummer.

I love rock documentaries (Rockumentaries? Rock docs?). All of them. Even if I don't like the band, even if I don't like the genre, there's still a good chance I'll watch it.  Don't Look Back is amazing. Dig! is a fantastic mess. And Gimme Shelter? Required viewing, really. 
 So I have a massive hard on for the upcoming Echotone, a documentary  on "live music capital of the world" Austin, Texas.

With its focus on the energy of a single happening city, it looks a bit like Hype!, the (awesome) 1996 doc about the Seattle grunge scene. But whereas that movie was more of a lesson in...uh...hype, it seems unlikely we'll be looking back on Echotone in fifteen years with awkward laughter. Of course that's what I said about my own mid-90's decision to wear shorts with longjohns. And my late 90's decision to attend raves. And then there's that guy I was with who played competitive handball.

So I know shit, basically.

Still, you need to look forward to it:

The First Echotone Teaser Trailer 1280x720 HD from echotonefilm on Vimeo.

And if you are anywhare near these places, take a peek

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