Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boss Stuff on the Interwebs: Wednesday Links 16/03/11

  • Your musical education continues with Neon Filler's list of the top 100 indie/alternative albums of all time. This week: 60-51 (including Bon Iver and my favourite Modest Mouse album). 
  • Fellow Canucks be proud: Spinner looks at the invasion of Canadian music at SXSW including Broken Social Scene, Feist, and The New Pornographers. But it's "aboat" not "aboot", Stuart.
  • The National has a new song Think You Can Wait, and it confirms my long-held belief that Matt Berninger just wants everyone to cry and moodily drink whisky all the time. Hear it at Stereogum.
  • My former flatmate's favourite musician was Joanna Newsom, and--swear to God-- she once casually uttered the phrase "I find dirt really interesting."  So the suggestion that she may have once "considered befriending a squirrel" seems pretty dead on. Flavorwire will hilariously stereotype you, too, by your favourite indie band. 
  • Dance-punk/  noise rock duo Death From Above 1979 has reunited, is rehearsing for Coachella, and is testing out a badass bass-cam video. As cool as that sounds, Dominic at This Moving Picture manages to make it sound even cooler.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum is Sunnybrook a band who describes their sound as "your running through a field of dandelions laughing uncontrollably". Sunnybrook you need to come to my parties. And bring whatever it is that made you write that. (Universal Yellow Keys)
  • I've had a complicated, shitty week, so I genuinely appreciate Young Minds' Change of Pace (no pun intended). It's a catchy lo-fi track that will make the world feel simple and upbeat for two and  a half minutes. Thanks to guerolitomusic for the tranquilizer.


  1. You are too good to me! Thanks also wanted to send you my band but I don't know how so I'll post it in here. thanks again

  2. two thump up and up


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