Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Boss Stuff on the Interwebs: Wednesday Links 27/03/13

Jane Birkin digs vinyl.
  • A New Band A Day did SXSW, talks blogging and freebies. Because they were there. At SXSW. And I wasn't. There. Hmph.
  • What's Protocol also has a rundown of SXSW, from 2/3 Goat's POV, because they were there too, and sometimes you just can't make all the shows life is unfair I hate you I'll be in my room. Doorslam.
  • Torres' Torres gets a 9/10 from Little Reviews. Great taste, over there, so even if you can't read French, just click play and know that everything's gonna work out fine.
  • The Stigma of Synth: My Secret Life with Depeche Mode is an amazing essay. One of my favourite music essays, ever. It's an old piece, but with the new album out, I'd say relevant. PopMatters
  • Meanwhile, Color Theory reviews the new album. Succinct and for the devotee.
  •  guerolitomusic has an exclusive: the new single Sink, from Inspired and the Sleep. Sweet and crunchy like Corn Pops that don't cut your gums.
  • A weekly oldies playlist is starting up. I like oldies. I like playlists. And I like awesome, rambling blog names. So it goes at Mel's Internet Universe Music Blog.
  • Speaking of playlists: casamonita has days of boss playlists for you. Days. l have accepted her in my heart as my personal DJ, this week.

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