Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Boss Stuff on the Interwebs: Wednesday Links 3/4/13

  • Thanks to Electric Comic Book and the magic of computers, you now know how The Doors' Riders on the Storm would sound if played in a major key.
    It sounds like the most unsettling children's song ever.
  • Amazing tale time: Did you know that Freddie Mercury once dressed Princess Diana like a male model so he could sneak her into a gay club for a night? I'm writing this on a Coleco, that's how 80s that sentence is. The Telegraph 
  • Breaking More Waves has a nine-point introduction to their "new favourite facial-haired US indie rock band" Knesset. Don't just skip to the end, because they are funny, over there.
  • Wondering where all the cool indie, smooth sax pop records are? Yeah, I wasn't either, but Fense Post makes a compelling case for Renny Wilson, "the epitome of what Ron Swanson's alter-ego Duke Silver should have created."
  • But if you take the other side in that contentious, age-old, sax-versus-banjo battle (brothers against brothers!) What's Protocol  presents to you the amazing Black Horse Motel.
  • The CD Critic gives Machineries of Joy, British Sea Power's latest, a good review...
  • ...But by God I love a bad review. More than I like a good one. And Bit Candy has a whole section just for bad reviews. My current favourite: "Darwin Deez: This Album Sounds Like His Hair." Fuck, this guy could have a blog just writing titles for bad reviews and I'd read. I'd read.

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