Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boss Stuff on the Interwebs: Wednesday Links 24/11/10

Yep--I'm going to make this joke every Wednesday.

Link day again, the time for you boys and girls to give these fine websites hits for doing all the work I'm not willing to do for you. Just like when our moms would pass out drunk and we'd have to go to the neighbour's house for dinner. But with less emotional scarring. Or more, depending on how much you hate clicking links, I guess.

This Wednesday:
  • CaVa Cool and i(heart)music both weigh in on the hottest Canadian bands of 2010, only 10 years after people stopped using the word "hot". Good lists though.
  • Spinner has a list of "15 Films defined by Songs of a Single Artist". Movie-geek meets music-geek is a nifty combination.
  • Do you like Animal Collective? Do you like Bon Iver? Do you like Deerhunter?  I don't get it but congratulations, you're in luck. You might like The Mighty Lord Huron (With thanks to Obscure Sound)
  • The new Lykke Li video gets the thumbs down from Modern Mystery Blog. The reason? Apparently not enough T&A.
  • Yours Truly offers up the haunting Appropriate Stranger by Pina Chulada. It's beautiful: ethereal and sweet, but still mature-sounding. And bloody hard to turn off.
  • Daytrotter aptly compares Alejandro Escovedo with a Texan Hold Steady. And uses the phrase "sad sacks and hoodrats". Double win.
  • Gorillaz cover The xx on BBC's Live Lounge. All you Anglophiles just got hard-ons. (Head over to Stereogum

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