Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The New Ex-Libras Video Proves that I Should Turn my Skills to Solving Crime. Musical Crime.

If a song is good--really, truly good--it sets you up at first listen with an image or feeling that takes it beyond "tune" and into the realm of "experience". From dying and coming back to life, to playing in a jug band on your grandpappy's porch, anything will do, so long as it takes you somewhere. And if that idea is strong enough, it will dominate every listen until with each play you have to close your eyes, zone out, and go to whatever place it is that song has made for itself in your head.

Recently, I got that feeling with Ex-Libra's Teenage Eyes. I made it my song of the day, noting that it was all but made for "the final credits of a film that did not end happily"

Then the band contacted me to tell me that I am psychic.  More or less, anyway. They hooked me up with the video, a lush and lovely Edward Scissorhands-meets-Black Swan picture show, perfectly suited to the dark, tinkering melody.  I'm not going to tell you how it ends but...well I did mention that psychic thing:


If you liked it, The Ex-Libras can be found on their websitefacebook, myspace, blog, or twitter for all your stalking needs.

And if you need me and my obviously impressive extrasensory abilities, you know where to reach me. 

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