Monday, February 7, 2011

New Russian Apartments EP: Share It or Die in a Week. My Logic is Flawless.

The Russian Apartments have been featured on this blog twice before: once as a mysterious single, and again in an interview.  So I wasn't about to let the release of the new EP, The Last Last You, go without mention. 

Once again, New-Hampshire-based Mike Caulfield brings synthy, subtle bedroom pop that somehow manages ethereal without sounding cold and retro without sounding "done." It's haunting, quirky and as good under the microscope as it is for ambient listening. If introspective ghosts could play synthesizers, it would sound like this.

So here's my theory: maybe they do.  Because Mike is still a pretty mysterious character, if you think about it (who actually lives in Keene, New Hampshire?)  Oh, and he specifically requests sharing over payment on bandcamp and everyone knows ghosts don't need money. Yet he really wants you to share the album.  

Huh. Well I get what's going on here. I've seen The Ring.  So share it, or in exactly one week you will die of... being scared? (Is that what that was? Can that even happen?) Whatever--even if you don't, it would totally be worth it. This album is boss.

The Last Last You is 100% free on bandcamp, and you can keep up with The Russian Apartments via the website and facebookYou've already heard Gods and Miss McGinty's Ghost (coughspookynamescough). I also highly recommend the title track:

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