Friday, February 11, 2011

The Strokes Are Back and They Brought a New Single With Them: Under the Cover of Darkness

I've been trying to get to this for a couple days, which in blogging terms is a long damn time. But my boss staunchly refuses to pay me for any posts about The Strokes.  Her excuse? "We  don't care what you write about The Strokes. This is a college. Can we have the midterm grades please.?"

So if you'd like a full synopsis of the new single Under the Cover of Darkness you can give me money to be here, or you can head to Andrew Evans Talks at You for a real  review.

My opinion? Ehh. Underwhelmed. After all, this is the band so undeniably catchy that they practically revived garage rock on their own. Not to mention band names starting with "The". Still, I'll reserve any real judgement until the full LP Angles is out in March or until I hear some leaks. And no matter what, I have to admit that it's nice to finally have The Strokes back, in any capacity.

Now I've got to go make up grades for people based on their physical attractiveness. You stay and listen to the first new single in five long years:

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