Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chilling Out is for Americans: La Femme

I'm the first to say I'm a little bored of the surf trend. Sure I like Best Coast, Wavves, The Morning Benders, Hippies, The Drums... but the fact that the list is so long and could be so much longer is telling.  For the dozens of new songs each week labelled "indie pop" at least half of them seem to be lo-fi surf. It's not a bad sound or anything, but how can anyone expect to stand out on that crowded retro-California wave?

Well, you could be French.

Very aware of the absurdity of a Parisian Beach Boys, La Femme occasionally dons berets and striped sweaters comme le stéréotype, and promotes with posters of frogs and the Eiffel tower. Whether they're laughing with us or at us isn't clear.

What is clear is that it's the that attitude makes Le Podium #1. Because--and I'm just gonna go ahead and say what we all know-- the French are magnificent at acting like assholes*. And it so works here. Their irreverent brand treads the water between taking itself very seriously and not giving a damn about anything, somehow both sillier and sexier than the usual surf-pop offering.

None of that sunny, airy, hippie-dippy, "tasty waves and a cool buzz" stuff for La Femme--this is more "Nous surfons. Fuck you."

Comment-on-dit "far out" en francais?

Buy Le Podium #1 (EP) from their bandcamp.

Their MySpace.
Their Facebook
Their website.

Their current single:

*I love assholes, for the record.


  1. Just one stuff more!
    The provocative and sexual side is also surely important. The first video they made is, hrm, just pornographic...

    Really intersting your blog! I made a link on mine. I am a new member and you are in my Blog roll...

    (I am not french, just belgian) :-)

    Not sure about "far out" but "décalé" peut-être?

  2. good post - love la femme, best coast not so much

  3. oh maman, je veux aller surfing! :)

  4. @mmar--good point. Could've done a whole post on the video alone...
    Belgium eh? interesting...
    Your country lost my luggage a couple times.

    @Iman--it's getting hard to tell the difference between everyone these days...

    @guerolito--dammit, man. I spent about a half hour trying to think up a translated-lyrics joke and came up empty. Where were you when I needed a post title?


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