Friday, January 21, 2011

Screw Quantum Mechanics:Summer Fiction is Timeless

Yesterday, someone super-duper sent me this:

There are actually multiple issues of this.

If I am to understand correctly, such was the magnitude of the "men in belted sweaters" trend that it required a series of publications on the phenomenon.


It got me thinking on the topic of timelessness--or lack thereof--on the very day I finally gave the entire Summer Fiction album a whirl. How appropriate. Because lemme tell you, Summer Fiction is no belted man-sweater.  

Though the hopelessly pretty self-titled debut was released just last month, there's nothing "this year" about it. Actually, there's not a whole lot anchoring it to this decade. While it seems the Philadelphia-based artist (Bill Ricchini) is striving for an early-to-mid 1960's feel, the entire album is really an homage to pop music of the last fifty years in general. It offers equal parts 60's crooning-quirk, 70's folk-reflection, 80's intensity, 90's melancholy and 00's tongue-in-cheek. Even the cover art can't really be dated. Summer Fiction is timeless in the most literal sense that its songs truly belong in no place and no time. 

And for that very reason, it's a good bet that you'll still be listening to this five or ten years from now.

You can download it now on bandcamp (including a free single), and keep up via the website.


  1. Great article. Your spot on. It truly is a timeless album!

  2. I'm literally in the middle of writing a post including these two gems, you beat me to it! :)

  3. Great great musio. I hope he records many more albums like this.


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