Thursday, January 20, 2011

If I Used the Phrase "Band to Watch" I Would Use it Here: Wildlife

Referrals and listening, listening and referrals. If you don't like it, don't start a music blog. Because people will send you songs and you will have to listen to them. A lot.  

Honestly, most don't make it past ten seconds. Of those that do, most will still get turned off after about a minute. They're not usually bad. It's just that an overwhelming majority of them suffer from what I think of as a lack of balls. When a musician is afraid to commit, you can hear it in the music. I mean, if you're going to do it, for the love of god do it.  

Wildlife doesn't have that problem. Their Toronto-based indie rock is energetic, to-the-point, and not afraid of going in 100 percent. With a hint of punk edge, they drive though every song like they love what they're doing and they really, really mean it. They don't even seem to have the occasional "meh" number-- all the tracks make it past 10 second mark with ease. 

If I had to give you a "sounds like" I'd say maybe a less-groomed Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, or Hot Hot Heat. But believe me, in a few years, people might just be saying "sounds like Wildlife." These guys definitely have it in 'em.

You can get their debut album Strike Hard Young Diamond on bandcamp, where they've also been cool enough to give you three free tracks. Stalking can be done on myspace, facebook, or twitter.

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  1. Excellent tip, Larissa! I downloaded and it's a killer. How is it possible it's unknown? Je vais faire une "Little review"! (with a link, sure!


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