Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Video for No Room to Live is Like Dropping Acid and Watching Take On Me

I move house this weekend, so I naturally started packing today. While this might sound like the doings of a lazy procrastinator, in fact it just proves how ambitious I am, on account of how much harder I will be working around here for the rest of the week. Some Fortune 500 company really needs to scoop me up before this blogging thing takes off.

Packing or not, I did find the time to watch this video about fifteen times. It's Times New Viking's No Room to Live, a song we posted some time ago. But I'm posting it again, because I'm not sick of it yet and the new video is tops. 

According to Vimeo, each frame of  was “… printed from real video, then hand drawn, colored, or decorated and put back together.” About 40 artists participated in the project, re-rendering nearly 3,000 stills. Well worth 2:39 of your time:


  1. Previet! Check out their earlier videos! And this one that I worked on:

  2. Kak diela!? This video is awesome!!


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