Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boss Stuff on the Interwebs: Wednesday Links 08/12/10

There's something wrong with my WiFi today. I'm looking into what the problem is, but I think it could be the fact that I live in Moscow. Once, the elevator to my 12th floor apartment broke and they didn't fix it for three weeks.

In Mother Russia, repairman calls you.

So posting may or may not be patchy. Luckily I have a list of things for you to look at:

  • Prince Harry got Snoop Dogg to write a track called "Wet" for Prince William's bachelor party.  Fell In Love With a Drummer explains why I just typed a sentence that reads like an acid trip.
  • I haven't heard the Greenhornes "comeback" album yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Electric Comic Book explains why you should be, too.
  • I'm making mixtapes off the radio for everyone this year, but The L Magazine has some more impressive ideas for music lover-gifts.
  • I looked into Gonjasufi thanks to The Devil Has the Best Tuna. Because how can you not download something labelled "Turkish Surf Music"?
  • Prefix has a list of good songs to take off bad albums. Like the way I have one song off Duran Duran's Thank You. I'm not even going to tell you which one, so don't ask.
  • Clicky Clicky Music Blog is really excited about the upcoming Yuck album. I'd never heard of the band before, but they make it contagious.
  • End of the year means roundup lists. Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good rounds up their 25 favourite videos of the past year.  The Yeasayer video gave me a very ugly dream when it came out and I haven't been able to watch it since, but otherwise this is a swell way to waste two hours.


  1. Once again, thanks for the link love.

  2. So many Daves...

    "The Greenhornes are, quite simply, the best band out there when it comes to playing as a band."

    I wish I could see. If they make it here I will buy them vodka. HEAR THAT GREENHORNES?!
    They are so on their way.
    90 Roubles/3 dollars well-spent.


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