Thursday, December 30, 2010

You Can Argue but You Can't Win: Mr Shuffleupagus' Favourite Albums of 2010 (Part One)

Let's make it very clear that this is a list of favourite albums. Not best albums--favourites. So yes, I know that Ariel Pink is awesome and Deerhunter did everything right, but at the end of the day, those albums just didn't give me a boner like like these ones did. And you can't argue with a metaphorical boner.

What follows are the first six of my eleven favourite 2010 albums**:

11. Girls, Broken Dreams Club
Techncally this is an EP, but I'm letting it in because as soon as you listen to it, you'll want to listen to it again. And then one more time. And then one more time, all the while thinking If I had a guitar I would learn to play every song on this album... Unless you have a guitar. Then you probably already have.

10. The Walkmen, Lisbon
This album makes me nostalgic. For my childhood, for my parents' childhoods, for emotions and ideals I can't put my finger on and don't even understand. Listening to it makes you feel wistful. And 100 years old.

9.The Morning Benders, Big Echo
This album does lose its way by the end, but it the first two-thirds go down so good, you'll barely notice. Recommended for sunny mornings when you can wake up slowly.

8. Yeasayer, Odd Blood
I've already discussed this album and the fact that it's not perfect (still can't get into Ambling Alp--no chance) But the more you listen, the better Odd Blood sounds. It's energetic, ambitious and interesting, all of which is way more important than perfect.

7. The National, High Violet
Ornate and deep, the only reason it doesn't rank higher is because I can't listen to it all that often--it has a way of sweeping you into a dark, dramatic world that's not always an easy place to be. 

6. Sleigh Bells, Treats
It would be cheap and easy to play on the album title here, but screw it--I am cheap and easy. And from sweet, girly electronic beeps to riotous guitar riffs, this album is full of treats. It's been awhile since listening to a record was so much fucking fun.

**Eleven because I can't stand even numbers. No even numbers and no orange M&Ms. Deal with it.

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  1. I agree whole heartedly with Yeasayer and the Nationals being in the top 10. Have you seen Harry O'Boogie has started his top 30 album countdown??


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