Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First my Mobile Phone, Now my iPod: The Finns Won't Rest Until They Control All the Electronics

Last Sunday, my "Swell Tune" of the day was French Films' Golden Sea.  It's boss, and to my knowledge the first anything from Finland I have ever featured.

Then yesterday, I was contacted by Big Wave Riders, another Finnish band.  I wasn't sure if it was coincidence or run of the mill networking, but I couldn't ignore it--I was suddenly very interested in "that land the phones come from."

Well there must be something in the water in Finland. Something post-punk and awesome. Because, like their fellow countrymen, Big Wave Riders have a dark infectious sound that will test the stamina of your back button.  If I pegged French Films as "Joy Division-via-John Hughes", then Big Wave Riders might be "Duran Duran-via-David Fincher".  But even with different genes, it's clear they're still from the same neighbourhood. It's post-punk/new wave aesthetic, but with much less distortion than similar projects out of the west.

So what I need to know is if this is typical for Finland right now--anyone on the inside who can explain the scene, please contact me. St Petersburg-Helsinki is a short train ride and I think I've found somewhere to go for spring holidays.

(You can download both these tracks for free from their Soundcloud page.)

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I loved them!


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