Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hi... They're In... Delaware: Mean Lady

R&B. Radio scans. Music boxes. Clapping. Tambourines. Beats. Ukelele. Samba. Psychedelia. Banjo. Birds. Bells. Rain. Shrieking children. Old-time piano. Sleigh bells. A choir. Electric guitar. Vintage strings. Laughter. Sweet, soulful female vocals. And something that sounds like hooves. 

In five songs.

If you assume it would be noisy and disorienting, you're obviously not Mean Lady. On their debut EP Kid Friendly, Katie Dill and Sam Nobles effortlessly mix all of it into an undeniably beautiful 23 minute span. 

I can't even mix a martini that doesn't taste like olive water.  

The duo from Newark, Delaware claim it all started as a hip-hop project. But experimentation and curiosity have clearly taken them far beyond that territory and into a world they've made up for themselves. The final result is a surprisingly listenable, dreamy work that unfolds like a sunny-day acid trip.

Take a hit below and then download free from bandcamp

**Note for those with musical ADD: Be sure to get past at least the one-minute mark for the full effect**

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