Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mister Heavenly is an Indie Superforce

Recently it was announced that Man Man's Honus Honus, Modest Mouse's Joe Plumber, and Islands' Nick Thorburn had formed Mister Heavenly, a band "spurred on by a mutual appreciation for doo-wop and doomed love songs (aka doom-wop)" (That is a direct quote because I simply cannot make up anything that ridiculous/awesome).  Plumber, Thorburn and, uh, Honus banded together and signed over at Sub Pop (of course) in an effort to be come some kind of Indie Justice League.

"Our Fortress of Solitude? Um, it's like, this really obscure place. You've probably never heard of it."

Well they just started their tour, but apparently needed a bassist. While they likely considered hanging around the Apple store and picking one at random,  at the end of the day there was really only one clear choice: 

Have you seen all his movies?

No seriously though.  That wasn't my punchline. They chose Michael Cera. He played with them to open the tour and is apparently staying on. But see, I get what's going on here. This is an ironic commentary on their own hipster irony-- some kind of meta indie-bomb, dropped to out-irony us all. 

In any case, people who were actually there reviewed him as "technically proficient enough to play."  Yikes. Now they've gone and made him feel bad.

I have to admit it though-- I'm looking forward to hearing from this band.  
You know, like, ironically.

From before they joined forces:

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