Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If You Like: Beach House, Blonde Redhead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

If You Like:

-Beach House
-Blonde Redhead
-Post-punk/New wave 
-Radiohead circa In Rainbows
-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs



Though SanFrancisco-based, LoveLikeFire has a definite retro-British feel to them, with various bloggers and reviewers comparing them to everything from The Cure (kinda), to Siouxie and the Banshees (getting there), to Echo and the Bunnymen circa Porcupine (never would have thought of that one but bingo).

With rolling percussion, shimmery guitar reverb and Ann Yu's ethereal, Beth Gibbons-esque vocals, this band's dreamy-arty-post-punk revivalist sound is dead on trend, if not just ahead of the mainstream curve.

So the only question is: how is this not more popular?

From the just-released Dust:

In My Room (LoveLikeFire) by Mr.Shuffleupagus
Falling Asleep (LoveLikeFire) by Mr.Shuffleupagus

And from 2009's Tear Ourselves Away:

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