Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boss Stuff on the Interwebs: Wednesday Links 22/12/10

While Russian holidays don't technically start until next month, I'm not about to let that stop me from not going to work or getting drunk in the daytime. I know my roots. And I know most of you are doing the same. So in addition to dodging or seeking out mistletoe based on your own personal level of sluttiness, you should take some time to check out links:

For Gentiles:
  • If you like Sufjan Stevens --and maybe Jesus-- The Sound and the Fury has the former singing songs about the latter. Or maybe it's the other way around. Something like that, anyway. 
  • And only The Devil Has the Best Tuna could satisfy even the most obscure Yuletide tastes, walking you through Matinee Records' Christmas EP with Math and Physics Club, Northern Portrait, Champagne Riot, Bubble Gum Lemonade, and Strawberry Whiplash. Also I just added "Champagne Riot" to my list of potential autobiography titles.

And for Those Who Just Call This "The End of December":
  • I'm not so hip to the indie dance scene, but Ventomat knows better and is teaching me about Popskarr.
  • Know Your Conjurer has Suicide live at CBGB. And anything live at CBGB is worth looking at.
  •  If you don't know Boston garage-pop band Hands and Knees you're in luck, because Relentless Noisemaker knows everything and will tell you all about it.
  • Hmm...let me try to make this about music somehow.....The Royal Tannenbaums had a great soundtrack! There. Now go look at this "111 Archer Avenue" poster, because Maxim Dalton is an amazing artist. And if you buy it for someone this Christmas/Hanukkah we're right back on theme. 

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