Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Places to Spend Your Money: Bob Dylan's Original Mono Recordings

This one is for the purists. Purists bordering on fetishists.  

Later this month, Bob Dylan is rereleasing his first eight albums. Big deal, right? Dylan rereleases albums pretty much every day. He's one marketing brainstorm session away from You Gotta Serve Somebody: The Commemorative Waitress Edition, complete with collectable apron and tray.  But if you like Bob Dylan, and like vinyl, and have actually used the phrase "old records just sound better", then you need to hear me out.

Soon to be available is Bob Dylan: The Original Mono Recordings, a boxset that consists of all his '62-'67 studio albums, on vinyl, in the original mono sound, with complete reproductions of the original sleeves. 

I'll give you a moment to move that textbook in front of your pants.

Yes, in just a few weeks you will be able to be the first-hand owner of squeaky-clean, unscratched, mint-condition Dylan LPs in the same audio format in which they were originally released. Opening up that box will be a little bit like going back in time.

Except instead of preventing the Kennedy assassination, you'll be listening to records.
If you don't have a turntable, you can still get get The Mono Recordings on CD, but there's something really fucked up about buying CDs to get mono sound. It's like buying a car so you can tie it to a horse. It's sort of missing the point. Over-the-top nostalgia is the best and only reason to buy this. 

I'm not able to get it here, but if you can buy it you know what you should do? Buy some beer in stubby bottles and weed that you call grass.  Replace your couch with leaking beanbag chairs and giant pillows, and an place an industrial spool/ milk crate where your coffee table used to be. Then invite your friends over and sit around on the floor listening to it. Just the way the originals were meant to be heard. (You can invite all those assholes who made you come to their "ironic" 80s and 90's parties.)

Still somehow unconvinced that this is all kinds of far out?

Well let's just let science do the talking, shall we?

Science, guys.

It's not available on LP until December 21st but if you want to preorder or buy the CDs (?) you can do it here.


  1. but it said october in the commercial

  2. TV...lied to us?
    So far as I can tell, the CDs are in stock now, but the LPs are going to take awhile longer.


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